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Founder’s Story

BuyTicketapp is an all in one event management solution, with over 44K fans downloading the app. With best pricing guarantee, easy access to venues and live notifications on getting to the event, it is easy to see why members continue to use our app to access games, concerts and events.

Event Organiser

Following the latest Sports Ground Safety Authority Guidance, event organisers must provide event goers safe arrival and departure from their event, known as 'Zone Ex'. As a result of this new guidance, BuyTicketapp developed and created its unique feature, iLive.

The iLive feature, has the capability and capacity to monitor crowd movements, provide immediate up to date information to event attendees and direct vehicles and people through safe routes to your event. The 'Last Mile' can be monitored and influenced by BuyTicketapp using live data systems that can be viewed in your control room. Connect their journey from when they leave their home to your event and home again, use buyTicketapp as a full package of safe and monitored transport and travel